Today’s stringent energy demands call for innovative solutions. Launching this year, Corefficient will be answering the call for increased energy-efficiency through their innovative transformer core design, transformer core manufacturing, and marketing of energy efficient electrical cores for use in dry-type and liquid-filled electrical transformers.

Corefficient launches in tandem with new U.S. Department of Energy efficiency regulations taking effect in 2016. Corefficient’s transformer core products are strategically designed to meet these new energy standards, positioning them to pave the way for energy efficient electrical core manufacturing.

IMG_20150722_101243218_HDRCorefficient is excited to open the doors to its state-of-the-art facility based out of Monterrey, Mexico as a joint venture transformer core company committed to adding value to their transformer core products. This joint venture combines the experience and success of two companies in the fields of transformer core engineering, transformer core design, magnetic core expertise, cold rolled steel, grain oriented steel, electrical steel, and – most importantly – customer service.

Delivering exceptional service and ensuring consistent and quality delivery, Corefficient looks forward to building a new legacy of value to the core.