Corefficient’s Testing Capabilities | Single Sheet Testing

At Corefficient, no product leaves our laboratory without extensive quality testing. The quality of our electrical transformer cores is verified through various testing methods that occur at multiple stages of the manufacturing process.

In the early stages, we analyze several characteristics of the raw materials that make up our transformer cores. It is vital that the electrical steel (a primary material in transformer core coils) used has a high permeability and subsequent low no-load losses of energy.

We employ Single Sheet Testing (SST) to ensure these attributes are present. A transformer core’s energy efficiency is highly dependent on the permeability of the electrical steel that makes up its coil. Transformer cores made with these high quality, highly-tested materials have reduced no-load losses and increased energy efficiency.

We like to keep our work transparent by providing customers with detailed information about our processes. Explore our site to learn about other quality assurance tests that occur at other stages of the manufacturing process. is a good starting point. You can also call us at (81) 2088-4000, or toll free USA at 1 (844) 202-1226, if that is more convenient for you!