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In the 1938 edition of Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, the journal reported on a “radically” new transformer core with a “simple structure and highly efficient performance.” The article boasted that this new core “eliminates or minimizes most of the objections inherent in other [cores].


Today, wound cores continue to set impressive standards for efficiency.


The efficiency of DG wound cores begins in the manufacturing plants. Built with one cut per lamination, these cores have 75% fewer components compared to stacked cores, substantially condensing the manufacturing time.


After a DG wound core is manufactured, the annealing process can repair the grain structure of the steel, further reducing core loss and improving performance and efficiency.

Part of the efficiency promise of DG wound cores is their versatility. The lamination wrapping process can be tailored to meet client specific dimension necessities. Gaps can be placed on the side or at the end of each lap, among other gap configuration options. In addition, clients can choose whether they would like their core annealed. Finally, precise, state-of-the art machinery and quality assurance technology produce dependable, high quality cores that meet the highest DG wound core efficiency in single phase or three phase designs.


Ultimately, core efficiency, in the broadest sense, depends on:


1) reducing core loss and magnetizing current

2) reducing the need for maintenance and repair

3) reducing the initial cost of the core, and

4) reducing the time between ordering and receiving the product.


At Corefficient, we work hard on these elements to produce the highest quality cores that ensure our clients can rest easy with dependable, efficient electrical transformer cores.


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