Solar energy grids are popping up across the world as industries adapt to an evolving energy market. Our transformer cores, which are a main component of electrical transformers for solar energy, are a big part of how energy moves from the sun to your home or business. Want to learn more? Keep reading to see how electrical transformers for solar energy are changing the way business thinks about solar.

Solar energy is transformed into solar power by use of transformers to either convert or convert, store, and transfer electricity. Unlike energy grids powered by wind turbines or other methods of energy generation, solar energy grids (with a step-up from electrical transformers) operate at a steady voltage, which is in turn much more energy efficient for producers. In fact, most “issues” surrounding the harnessing of solar energy come from infrastructure – that is to say, regulations and equipment haven’t yet caught up with this amazing technology! Still, there are many ways in which solar energy outpaces its competitors: it’s reliable, non-polluting, and humans have been utilizing it for thousands of years (think of preserving food, or drying clothes on a clothing rack, for starters)! As resources around the world dwindle, the world’s economies are turning to renewable sources and utilizing electrical transformers for solar energy and wind energy to fill the gap. Don’t let your business be left behind with the dinosaurs – literally!

If your business could benefit from a electrical transformer for solar energy (and we hope, by this point in the article, you know it could!) then don’t hesitate to call your energy solutions team at Corefficient – we excel at building, painting, and testing electrical cores for your next project! Our cores are energy efficient and compliant with all U.S. federal requirements. Want to learn more? Just ask: call our sales engineer at (704) 236-2510!