Choosing the right transformer core manufacturer makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring functionality and life-length of the transformer.

What are some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a transformer core? The manufacturer’s focus on quality assurance should certainly be close to the top of the list.

How exactly is quality assured? Several rounds of testing throughout the manufacturing process strengthen confidence in the performance and durability of cores. A focus on testing generally shows that the manufacturer is concerned with maintaining energy efficiency—a very important quality in the value of a transformer core.

Corefficient employs multiple testing methods, including Dimensional testing, Franklin testing, and Epstein testing. These tests are conducted at various phases of the manufacturing process. Collectively, these methods test various properties of the raw material used in the cores, including: surface insulation resistance, weldability, magnetic properties (permeability, flux density and core loss), and consistency of material width and thickness.

Testing these attributes increases confidence in the energy efficiency of transformer cores, reducing the likelihood of core energy loss. Ultimately, reduced energy loss at the core level translates to overall reduced energy loss from the transformer.

In addition to stringent testing to ensure the highest quality and performance, leading manufacturers also deliver exceptional customer service.

Corefficient maintains an on-site customer service representative and is dedicated to upholding their 2-week ship-on-time guarantee.

The best manufacturers offer value-added services that improve the core product and the overall transformer performance. Corefficient offers annealing and painting services that improve material quality and electrical and heat insulation.

The transformer core manufacturer you choose should have clear priorities and high standards for energy efficiency, customer service, and value-added benefits. Focus on these qualities and enjoy cost savings and quality, durable products.