Efficient core performance synonymous with environmental friendliness

Sky at dusk with an electrical tower in the foreground joined to another that is in the background by electrical wires.

Global debates centered around the environmental crisis have reached new voltage levels. Never before has the legacy of individuals and countries been so contingent on what they do, or fail to do, concerning the environment.

The companies of the future are the ones that will  offer clean, efficient products that minimize environmental degradation. The consumer of the future, ever so environmentally-conscious, looks at lifetime costs of products, in every sense of the word, rather than simply initial costs. In a nutshell, the consumer has become hyper-aware of a simple truth: Better products reduce waste.

While this has always been common business sense, now it has taken the role of moral imperative and an environmental necessity.

Building better cores

As a cornerstone industry upon which many other industries rely, electrical transformer manufacturing can have an exponential effect on reducing environmental impact. In the United States, the EPA reports that electric production accounts for 27% of all greenhouse emissions. Subsequently, marginal improvements in transformer core performance can produce substantial energy savings, and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

Around the world, governments have increased purchases of renewable energy which goes hand-in-hand with increased demand for transmission. As a consequence, high performance cores, energy efficient electrical cores, and grain-oriented cores for transformers are in high demand. This translates to strong developments in the energy sector.

Stricter regulations create demand for conventional grain-oriented and high permeability electrical steels. To meet the demand, worldwide strategic sourcing becomes fundamental. Therefore, Corefficient has secured sourcing for conventional CRGO, HiB, and Laser Scribed materials, amongst others.

Performance, performance, performance

To reduce the losses of transformer means to contribute to decrease greenhouse gas emissions…”

Corefficient continues to build a legacy of green, electrical transformer cores that optimize efficiency while minimizing losses and costs. All electricity must go through transformers, and the best way to reduce transformer energy loss is to choose the right energy efficient core.

Creating higher efficiency cores involves using materials that have undergone testing during every stage of the manufacturing process. From the moment they enter the plants as raw material, to their final stages in becoming DG wound cores, the materials are tested for magnetic flux, permeability, surface insulation resistance, and consistent widths and thicknesses.

Corefficient places laboratories within the production plants to allow quality control to become a seamless part of every electrical transformer core. The result of this large investment has been higher efficiency materials, implementation of thinner or domain-refined materials, and an improved cooling medium which reduces energy loss.

Meeting the environmental challenges with energy efficient cores

A staple of successful business thought is that challenges lead to growth. Corefficient’s understanding of the modern environmental challenge has allowed it to grow in a direction of efficiency and minimization of energy losses during electrical transferal with energy efficient cores.

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Without a doubt, the transformer core market will continue to experience high demand as countries renew their aging electrical infrastructure. Corefficient hopes to leave a green legacy with every state-of-the-art core that rolls off the line ready to conserve every watt of renewable energy that the future will produce.

More about Corefficient

Corefficient’s state-of-the-art facility based out of Monterrey, Mexico is a transformer core company committed to adding value to their transformer core products. Combining experience and success in the fields of transformer core engineering, transformer core design, magnetic core expertise, cold rolled steel, grain-oriented steel, electrical steel, and – most importantly – customer service. Contact Corefficient’s sales engineer today at: 1 (704) 236-2510.