Transformer Condition Monitoring

Transformer condition monitoring is a self-explanatory group of words that ultimately translates into a “heads-up” as to when and where money will be spent on grid infrastructure management.

Besides the obvious equipment costs, an outage means meters aren’t spinning.  When meters are not spinning, the cost of transformer replacement goes much further than the individual part, fixing the damage, or increasing the load elsewhere.

Where transformers in the not too recent past were limited to more simplified performance or failure analysis, modern transformers are able to benefit from transformer monitoring systems as well as thermal and gas analysis.

With the invention of real-time transformer monitoring, gas and thermal analysis, an operator and supplier can prescribe physical maintenance, replacement and also save time and exposure by the workforce. While Corefficient transformer cores benefit from a long history of industry advances, in-house innovation and stringent quality control, they are still subject to the same rigors even as our needs for reliable power increase.

As efficiency regulations become stricter the demand increases for conventional grain oriented and high permeability electrical steels, making the worldwide strategic sourcing even more critical. To meet these demands, Corefficient has secured sourcing for conventional CRGO, Hi-B, and Laser Scribed materials, amongst others. Safeguarding a transformers long life is imperative, and Corefficient customers can expect that beyond their existing and evolving transformer condition monitoring strategy, they have a high-quality transformer core product right from the beginning.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of Corefficient’s transformer core testing capabilities, give our sales engineer a call at 704-236-2510

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