At Corefficient we are always innovating. Either in our products or the processes that we carry out every day. Every one of our employees plays an important role in ensuring we deliver quality products. So
"Transformer energy performance standards being introduced all around the world are spurring transformer manufacturers, as well as their electrical steel, cable and coil winding equipment suppliers, to rethink materials, designs and manufacturing methods in
One of the key decisions in any manufacturing operation is weather to invest in assets, know-how and working capital to make in-house, or purchase from a dedicated reputable supplier… A decision that in our
The magnetic permeability properties of electrical steels are especially sensitive to mechanical stress. During the manufacturing processes required to form a core, steel is subjected to stresses, grain structure is damaged, and the core
The magnetic flux distribution in the transformer core, and particularly at the joints, has a considerable influence on efficiency losses. This is the reason why Step Lap Full Miter (SLFM) stack core designs superseded designs
Today’s stringent energy demands call for innovative solutions. Launching this year, Corefficient will be answering the call for increased energy-efficiency through their innovative transformer core design, transformer core manufacturing, and marketing of energy efficient