Can Tesla Really Take on Rebuilding The Puerto Rico Power Grid?

By now, you have likely caught wind of the rapid restoration of power to San Juan’s Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico, thanks to the efforts of Elon Musk and Tesla, Inc. The company donated and installed solar panels and battery powerpacks sufficient for returning the electricity lost to Hurricane Maria. Though perhaps the location with the most critical need for working electricity, the Children’s Hospital is possibly just the tip of the iceberg.

Hurricane Maria was relentless on the island of Puerto Rico, as hurricanes usually are, delivering devastating blows to an aged and weakening power grid.  Due to the extensive damage, the Puerto Rico power grid will likely need a full restoration project, entailing a complete rebuild of the critical infrastructure that powers the island.

There is talk of the Puerto Rico power grid switching completely to solar energy. Big decisions will be made in the upcoming weeks regarding the most appropriate method for restoring long-term power to the island.  No matter what energy source Puerto Rico settles on, one thing is certain: the system must have a reliable transformer.

Transformers are a critical component of solar and traditional electricity systems. The best transformers are built with high performance, low-loss cores to ensure efficient transfer of energy to the end-user.

Corefficient is committed to building energy efficient electrical transformer cores, joining the global effort to move towards a more “green” society. With the opportunity to rebuild their system, Puerto Rico can also “go green” by partnering with a company that holds energy efficiency as a priority.

The efficiency of Corefficient’s products are guaranteed by our quality assurance process. Product manufacturing is monitored consistently and finished products are tested to ensure stringent quality standards are met.

Whether rebuilding, replacing, or just starting out, partnering with Corefficient guarantees you will receive the best in transformer core technology.

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