Corefficient’s Transformer Type Spotlight: Power Transformers

Simply, a transformer is an electrical device that uses electromagnetic induction to transfer power from one circuit to another. The way that this power is transferred can differ slightly which creates subcategories for transformer ‘types’. There are the most common, power transformers. Others include instrument transformers, pulse transformers, RF transformers, IF transformers, and audio transformers.

Our focus for today will be the power transformer which is used to transfer electrical energy from anywhere in the electronic circuit between the generator and the distribution primary circuits. The power transformer can be further grouped into small, medium, or large power transformers.

Power transformer application

Typically, power transformers include the transmission and distribution of electrical power which are commonly used in industrial plants, electric utility companies, and power plants. They are utilized because they can be used in high voltage transmission networks to step up and down the voltage.

Because of their large size they are used in producing stations and transmission substations. They are not directly connected to consumers but the power they produce eventually is necessary for many consumer goods.

Types of power transformers
  • Laminated core – This is the most common type of power transformer, and is widely used in appliances to convert voltage to low voltage that can be used to power electronics. They are also used in electric power transmissions.
  • Toroidal – These donut-shaped transformers help reduce external magnetic field.
  • Autotransformer – This transformer has one winding that is tapped off at some point along the winding. The voltage is then applied across a portion of the winding and a different voltage level is produced across another part of the winding.
  • Variable autotransformer – This power transformer allows for a wide voltage adjustment in small increments. This is achieved through exposing part of the winding coils and making the secondary connections through a sliding carbon brush.
  • Induction regulator – Simply, it is a power transformer that exploits magnetic fields. This is because they are a transformer whose output voltage is varied by rotating its secondary relative to the primary.
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