Core Quality Assurance

At Corefficient, we don’t just sell cores – we create Value to the Core™

Corefficient offers exceptional electrical core products to meet all North American energy efficiency regulations (including NRCAN and DOE). As a leading supplier of transformer cores, Corefficient provides cost-effective solutions that maximize your product performance.

Our new state of the art facility in Monterrey, Mexico, that opened in 2016, brings you the best service in the industry, connecting people, technology, and world-class manufacturing operations. We manufacture and test, wound, and SLFM cores for maximum quality and efficiency.

We ensure that our finished products meet stringent standards through constant monitoring of production manufacturing process and the integration of new technologies. Our knowledge of materials and processes to create quality goods is a result of our hands-on approach and support from 100 years of transformer manufacturing experience.

We are committed that each manufactured core meets your exact specifications.

The Corefficient Guarantee

  • We test all incoming material for quality first.
  • We test & inspect core loses, dimensionality, weight, and sound pollution.
  • We test wound cores before and after annealing.
  • We adhere to DOE, ASTM, and NRCAN regulations.
  • Compliant with ISO 9001:2015.

Real-time disassembly of the yoke: approximately 2 minutes

There’s a misconception in the industry that in receiving a fully assembled core, that having to remove and add in the top yoke has an effect on core losses in the transformer core – increasing the destruction factor of the transformer core. Corefficient has proven through our own testing and evaluation that this is not the case. We’ve removed and added in top yokes after our “drop and top process,” determining that there’s little to no effect on core performance.

Integrated Management System Policy

We create a competitive advantage for customers by manufacturing energy efficient electrical cores that consistently meet quality, delivery, and value expectations.