Core Annealing Services

Corefficient perfects annealing for top-quality transformer cores

When it comes to guaranteeing the best electrical transformer core on the market, core annealing is an invaluable process. During the production process of a transformer core, they often lose some of their innate magnetic properties; a problem, when converting electric energy using transformers requires an undiluted magnetic field. Therefore, the ultimate goal of our core annealing services is two-fold; first, through annealing, the transformer cores’ magnetic properties are restored. Second, our core annealing services strive to reduce carbon levels within electrical steel to levels less than .01%.

As a transformer core expert, Corefficient has fine-tuned our core annealing process to delivers maximum quality products and on-time services. Utilizing our continuously fed SECO/WARWICK annealing furnace, we produce wound cores and anneal furnace cores in a vacuum, preventing any possible oxidation. Our Core Annealing Services are offered on-site in our Monterrey facility for absolute quality assurance and efficiency, including laminations done on-site. Our transformers use annealed cores which directly equates to lower losses and improvement in performance. Corefficient is a magnetic core expert and has developed annealing technology that improves performance of lamination. Our annealing process has been proven to increase strength, hardness, toughness, formability, and improves elasticity of your electrical transformer core.

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Annealing Services Provided

  • Stress Relief Annealing
  • Batch Annealing
  • Mesh Belt Annealing
  • Wound Core Annealing

Wound Cores and the Benefits of Annealing

The magnetic permeability properties of electrical steels are especially sensitive to mechanical stress. During the manufacturing processes required to form a core, steel is subjected to stresses, grain structure is damaged, and the core loss increases.