Electrical Steel Core Testing

Advanced electrical steel core services with full testing

At Corefficient, we believe the path to being the most efficient transformer core manufacturer begins and ends with testing. Unlike our competition, we provide our customers with state-of-the-art electrical steel core services by testing our cores throughout the manufacturing process, from raw material testing and inspection, to interim processes to final test. All results are recorded for each individual serialized core. As a complete core solution provider, we pride ourselves on producing and testing quality transformer cores in wound, DG (distributed gap), Duo Core and SLFM (step lap full mitre) construction.

In 2016 we opened a new facility and received our ISO 9001:2015. We are on the forefront of electrical steel core construction and testing technology. Corefficient’s clients can benefit from our continuous flow annealing furnace, Tranco and AEM core forming machines, Georg high speed cutting lines and state-of-the-art material testing laboratory with the most accurate and reliable test equipment available in the industry. We continue to improve transformer core efficiency and provide our customers with complete transformer core solutions.

Epstein Testing

Electrical steel is measured for core loss and permeability using a Brockhaus MPG 200 automated test system Epstein test frames, multiple Tesla and frequency inputs based on ASTM A717 test method.

Single Sheet Testing (SST)

Each coil of electrical steel is measured for NLL (no load losses) and permeability using a modern SST. This equipment is capable of measuring domain refined electrical steel.

Franklin Testing

A unique method of testing single strips of flat rolled electrical steel for surface insulation resistance under pre-determined voltage, temperature and pressure conditions.

Dimensional Testing

Each coil of electrical steel is measured for variations in material thickness and width based on ASTM A971 test method.

Assembled Core 
Electrical Testing

  • Assembled Core Electrical Testing: All assembled SLFM and DG cores are 100% tested on automated Yokogawa precision power analyzers to customer specifications guaranteeing that NLL (no load losses) are met.
  • Special Electrical Product Testing: Upon request, assembled SLFM and DG core can also be tested for insulation resistance and sound over a wide range of flux densities and frequencies. Detailed test reports and curve graphs may be provided.
  • All dimensional specifications are confirmed using digital measurement equipment.
  • First piece and PPAP inspection: Layout inspection and/or functional verification to customer engineered performance specification may be made available upon request.
  • Compliant with ISO 9001:2015.