The Electrical Steel Market is Firing Up

With the end-use applications of electrical steel growing, the use of electrical steel, core technology, and steels coatings is on the rise.

Because of the technology and demand for high efficiency in the power sector, transformer cores are in high demand; especially the electrical steel market. This is good news for the global economy: many judge the health of total economy by the demand for steel.

Steel, and especially electrical steel, is found in applications like motors, transformers, and generators, all in high demand worldwide. As societies grow, the demand for these end-use items means that raw materials are at an all time high, as well as the associated processes related to electrical steel.

Many municipalities are taking advantage of the rising economy by investing in local power grids and networks, improving load capacities for growing communities, which is achieved by a combination of new transformers, lines, and poles. This is a natural boost for the electrical steel market and its accompanying industry, providing these products and services. As housing demands increase, local governments and developers are working together to expand power to new residential and commercial markets.

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Many industries like oil and gas are also spending money on infrastructure and growth, by far the biggest demand for electrical steel lies in the need for power to fuel growth. Places like Texas are ordering power grid studies, and places in New England already on a path of implementing new sources to power plants.

Michigan has been using wind parks to power transformers, and there are now 13 parks run by a reputable power company in Michigan (this does not include the smaller wind farms that power smaller companies). Places like Wyoming are also following suit and have entered agreements for similar parks.

As demand for a greener, renewable energy source grows, so does the need for updated transformer technology. With many electric systems in the US dating back to World War II, there is a lot of political conversation started to start implementing new choices so we can reduce waste and increase reliability. Companies like Corefficient are on the ready, standing by with proprietary core designs and in-house services to help lead the industry into amazing industry growth.

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