We Can Help Rebuild with Replacement Electrical Transformer Cores

Looking for replacement electrical transformer cores?

Natural disasters have a knack for causing power outages, commonly through damage of power lines and poles. The fiercest of storms can damage critical infrastructure, leaving communities without power for longer periods of time while repair plans are configured. In worst case scenarios, essential components of electrical grids are damaged past the point of salvaging. In those cases, the rate limiting step of the repair process is obtaining replacement parts and rebuilding damaged sections of the electrical grid.

Recent hurricanes Irma and Harvey compromised electricity systems in parts of Texas and Florida, with the damage in Florida so severe it will likely require a “wholesale rebuild.”

Time is of the essence for rebuilding and restoring power to affected communities. Corefficient can quickly manufacture replacement electrical transformer cores and have them delivered to areas in need within 2-3 weeks. Transformer cores are a critical component of electricity systems and are Corefficient’s specialty.

Corefficient builds to customer specifications, with the capability of meeting a wide range of size requirements. The company’s state-of-the-art facility includes GEORG brand TBA and TRANCO and AEM Unicore production lines. This assembly of machinery can collectively handle materials ranging from 1.18 to 17 inches wide and .007 to .014 inches thick. For distributed gap wound cores, single and three phase designs are available.

Corefficient ensures only the best products and most timely service to assist communities in rebuilding efforts. Cost effectiveness is achieved through specific design considerations that reduce weight and increase efficiency of conduction. Customers can enjoy long-term savings, as well, as Corefficient manufactures products using the high efficiency electrical steel.

At the core of every community is their power supply. The Corefficient team is here to join your team in restoring that power quickly and efficiently with replacement electrical transformer cores.

Corefficient holds a 99% ship-on-time record, a record that is upheld through a number of time-saving techniques, including fully automated machinery. Contact Corefficient today if your community is undergoing a Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Harvey rebuilding effort:

Call 1 (704) 236-2510 or email us at info@corefficientsrl.com

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