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When it comes to economics, green energy adds up. As with other historic technological shifts, the green revolution will inevitably produce winners and losers. As politicians have begun to look for ways to reduce the negative impact, more arguments have accumulated on the necessity of going green.

Right now, communities import their energy resources over long distances from regional or national sources. However, green manufacturing plants could soon begin to meet local communities’ energy needs. This creates a flurry of benefits.

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First, the arrival of green manufacturing keeps money circulating inside of the local economy. Due to the multiplication effect of money, every dollar kept within a community has a disproportionate impact on the whole system. Currently, many of these dollars are going towards regional and national energy production.

Secondly, the green economy will create jobs. As the National Renewable Energy Laboratory reports, “The renewable energy industry provides a wide range of employment opportunities, from high-tech manufacturing of photovoltaic components to maintenance jobs at wind power plants.” With so many different kinds of renewable energy emerging — derived from sugarcane to biomass, hydroelectric, wind and solar power — there is ample opportunity for communities to take advantage of the possibilities created by the future green economy.

Third, it increases the tax base by bringing tax contributing manufacturing to the state. Again, right now, these tax dollars are leaking out towards regional and national producers of energy.

Finally, green energy has the potential to reduce consumer prices. When this happens, the economy receives another boost as consumers spend their energy savings elsewhere.

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But what of the national theater? Will the United States as a whole also benefit from green technologies? Undoubtedly, it has many national benefits. Whenever a country becomes the technological leader in a sector, its exports to developing countries will increase. Therefore, green energy is one clear way the United States can develop and maintain their competitive advantage in the world economy. Innovation unequivocally remains the motor of modern economies.

The Impact of Green Energy Solutions on the Transformer Core Market

At Corefficient, we are used to being part of the solution. Our energy efficient transformer cores help provide jobs while keeping our economy strong and innovative. With the development of new green technologies, the transformer core manufacturing industry will need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, while having the equipment and expertise to bring about a smarter, sustainable future. New manufacturing plants will require cores for their products, bringing new distribution and delivery challenges. The new energy production methods will also challenge core design and service options. Nevertheless, we will be ready to make sure our energy efficient cores will continue to assure that all power that is produced reaches its destination with minimal loss.

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