Transformer Core Services

Corefficient offers a variety of transformer core services from sourcing transformer materials in-house and supplying a finished transformer core making them globally competitive in transformer core manufacturing and a top electrical core supplier. Our proprietary transformer core design as well as our in-house services enables us to continually be a leading electrical transformer core manufacturer.


To ensure the performance of grain oriented steel materials, Corefficient has invested in a modern rolling heart annealing furnace (continuous) to relieve stresses induced through core manufacturing, and return the material to its original properties.


Cores are delivered in a number of finishes to promote greater electrical and heat insulation, as well as corrosion protection. To fulfill diverse customer needs, we have an on-site dedicated paint booth facility to paint and coat cores to our customers’ specifications. 


Corefficient has a complete on-site quality control laboratory to test and verify raw materials, with in-line testing of finished cores, to verify that your cores meet specifications. As an option upon request, we can provide both simple and engineering reports including saturation and sound curves.