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Q: What product does Corefficient offer?


A: We provide energy efficient transformer cores assembled and fully tested at Corefficient which we build according to customer specifications on our TRANCO and AEM Unicore brand machines.

Step Lap Full Miter Core, 5 logs total, on top of wooden beams.

Q: What additional services do you offer?


A:  We offer annealing, painting, and testing. We want to ensure the performance of grain-oriented steels, so we invested in a rolling hearth annealing furnace. We offer a number of finishes for our cores. These various finishes are meant for greater electrical and heat insulation, as well as corrosion protection. We have an on-site paint booth facility to paint and coat cores to our customers’ specifications.

We also have an on-site, quality control laboratory. Before we hand the product over to you, we run tests, such as the Epstein Test, Single Sheet Test, Franklin Test, Dimensional Test, and then include an engineering reboot for things like saturation and sound curves.

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Q: You are in the energy sector. Do you produce environmentally friendly electrical transformer cores?


A:  Yes. We are CORE-EFFICIENT. Electrical production accounts for 27% of all greenhouse emissions, which means that even small improvements in transformer core performance can help reduce that percentage number. Through every stage of the production process, we test our product for magnetic flux, permeability, surface insulation, and consistent width and thickness. Quality control = more efficient wound cores = better for the environment.

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Q: What are some of the applications of gap wound cores?

A: Found in small to medium sized transformers, distributed gap wound cores, also called DG cores, are used for oil pumping stations, on wind farms, and in the rail, mining, and automotive industry.

Q: How is a transformer core made?


A: We have three steps in our transformer core production process. First: materials. We use quality cold rolled, grain-oriented electrical steel, and we test on site to ensure that the steel we buy has exceptional magnetic flux and permeability properties. The better the material, the easier it is for the magnetic field of the core to flow. Second: Material prep. When we cut electrical steel for our Step Lap Full Mitre Cores, we use GEORG and TBA Lines. For our wound cores, we use TRANCO and AEM machines, which are highly versatile and fully-automated. Third: Assembly. Our automated assembly line has full stacks of steel, ready to deliver, within 20 minutes. Check out the Knowledge Center on our website for more information on this question, and answers to other questions, such as, what is a distributed gap core? And, what is the history of the electrical transformer core?

In illustration of a wound gap core: a grey, “O” shaped cube with an air gap on the side, labeled in black lettering: “excitation winding,” “magnetic core,” and “air gap.”

Q: I really need a company that can offer me short lead times…


A: We’ve got you covered. Our transformer core manufacturing facility is a few short miles away from our electrical steel provider – meaning reduced production time and fast delivery!

Q: What’s the greatest misconception about core performance regarding the removal and adding in the top yoke when receiving a fully assembled core?


A: Yes – There’s a misconception in the industry that when receiving a fully assembled core, having to remove and add in the top yoke has an effect on core losses in the transformer core – increasing the destruction factor of the transformer core.  At Corefficient, we have proven this assumption wrong. We removed and added in top yokes after our “drop and top process,” and found that there’s little to no effect on core performance. Check out this video of a real-time disassembly of the yoke that takes approximately 2 minutes. Interested in the reassembly process? See time-lapse video of the ENTIRE disassembly and reassembly process.

Q: I’m ready to get started! What do I do?

A: Great! You can contact us via our website or sales engineer today at: 1 (704) 236-2510.

About Corefficient – Corefficient is an energy-efficient transformer core company committed to adding value to their transformer core products combining experience and success in the fields of transformer core engineering, transformer core design, magnetic core expertise, and – most importantly – customer service. Contact Corefficient’s sales engineer today at: 1 (704) 236-2510.