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Here at Corefficient, we believe that what sets us apart is our extensive testing capabilities, from materials testing to completed core testing, that sets us apart from the competition. So, we’ve decided to take the time and highlight our different testing methods and how they benefit you, the end user. This week, we’re highlighting Franklin Testing.

Franklin testing is the rather unique method of testing single strips of flat rolled electrical steel for surface insulation resistance under pre-determined voltage, temperature and pressure conditions.

Franklin testing gives insight into the chemical nature of the material. It also provides useful analytics about the material’s punchability, temperature stability, weldability, insulating ability and fabricability. (I know- that’s a lot of -ilities!)

In our labs we utilize BROCKHAUS Measurements’ Franklin Tester FT 510. The machines Technical Data, taken from their website, is as follows:

  • Technical Data Testing voltage 0.5V, 0.1mV resolution
  • Accuracy of settings better than ± 0.5%
  • System accuracy better than ± 0.5%
  • Measuring unit for hydraulic pressure 0 to 40bar ± 1%
  • Hydraulic cylinder length of stroke: 15.3cm cylinder surface: 14cm² force: 550bar
  • Test head electr. contact: 10 contact pins total area: 6.45cm² ± 0.5%
  • Maximum testing pressure 25bar (displayed value, optional 40bar)
  • Weight (manual version) voltage supply unit approx. 9kg device and pump approx. 44kg
  • Supply voltage 220V AC, 50/60Hz

We extensively test our incoming electrical steel to assure to our customers that they are receiving the absolute best end product that we can provide. If the material doesn’t meet our specifications, we will not use it. It’s this commitment to testing, not just in the beginning with the materials, but throughout the entire construction process, that is emblematic of Corefficient’s goal of excellent customer service.

To view the rest of Corefficient’s testing capabilities, visit – or contact our sales engineer at 704-236-2510.

Keep an eye out for the next highlight of our testing methods – Epstein Testing!