Modern Energy Innovators and Trailblazers Series: Lynn Jurich

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Renewable energy is an ever-evolving, rapidly-expanding industry. More and more people are joining the race to save the environment and continue the battle against climate change. Lynn Jurich, the co-founder and CEO of Sunrun, is leading the way for environmentalists and modern energy innovators. Sunrun is a leading United States-based provider of residential solar, storage, and energy services, which pioneered a business model called “solar as a service.”

Jurich grew up in the state of Washington reading books and spending her time outside. She has always been a bit of naturalist since she spent much of her childhood in the woods surrounding her house listening to the birds. It was easy to later convert her love of nature into an environmentalist stance.

Jurich was also always a studious child and she never limited herself. Despite her parents not engendering her desire for excellence, Jurich nevertheless became an energy trailblazer.

“I started my career as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley at a growth equity firm where I spent my days evaluating hundreds of business models and financing structures. However, I felt like something was missing. At Stanford, the focus of my degree was how science and technology can change big societal institutions, and I knew I ultimately wanted to have more direct involvement leveraging technology to create simple solutions to difficult problems. That, combined with my lifelong passion for nature and the environment, set me on the path toward solar.”  — Lynn Jurich

(Source:’s Idowu Kunlere interview with Lynn Jurich, article originally written by Brad Micklin and Yitzu Weiner, was featured on Huffington Post on August 27, 2017)

“It was in my second year of business school when I made a bet with my then husband-to-be to see who could get their startup off the ground first. We decided whoever had the best opportunity would pursue it, while the other took a steady job. That opportunity turned out to be Sunrun.”

A baby blue Sunrun-branded van parked tightly against a garage in the driveway of a residential house, as a Sunrun employee carries a solar panel carefully against their shoulder.
The Sunrun Story

Sunrun was born from an idea that Jurich and former classmate, Edward Fenster, conjured to offer solar as a service to homeowners as a way to provide affordable clean energy to the masses. They launched the company in Fenster’s attic in 2007, and eventually went on to raise $300 million in venture capital and went public in 2015. Sunrun now employs more than 3,000 people and provides reliable, clean energy to about 150,000 families across the country.

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As Sunrun became a billion-dollar company with their unique “solar as a service” business model, Jurich saw how expensive solar roof panels were for ordinary people. She and her co-founder sought to make solar affordable for residential customers. They offer various solar plans, loans, and ownership options which increase the accessibility of rooftop solar panels.

As the largest, dedicated residential rooftop solar company in the country, Sunrun helps people go solar for little or no money down. Sunrun owns, installs, and maintains the system and customers only pay for the energy that the system generates. Customers not only save money on their energy bills with Sunrun, but can also prepare for outages with Sunrun Brightbox, a home battery that stores energy and helps keep the lights on during utility outages.

Two people on a Spanish-style tiled roof installing solar panels on a sunny day.

Jurich has a mantra that she says everyday: “All people and all circumstances are my allies.” This is a very positive perspective to have on life, and it has served her well. Her past job experiences and internships gave her the skills to get Sunrun off the ground. Her passion and tenacity have also served her well. They have been what has allowed Sunrun to thrive for so long and become dominant in the green energy market.

Here at Corefficient, we believe in the work Lynn Jurich has done, and we are inspired by the energy innovation she has helped create. We are just as passionate about sustainability, and our dedication is seen in the careful workmanship put into our energy efficient transformer cores. We continue to strive for innovative transformer core designs that save energy and provide a great service to the energy grid and meet our clients’ needs.

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More about Corefficient

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