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Keeping an eye on renewable energy in 2022 is worth a review. Nearly everyone agrees that we must stop using fossil fuels to slow down the harm we are doing to the Earth and the ecosystem. Our quest to find new sustainable or renewable substitutes for coal, oil, and gas has spurred many scientific and commercial advancements.

Even though it would be ideal to believe that everyone is motivated to contribute in some way to rescue the world, there is also a significant financial incentive. There is an expected increase in the renewable energy market by 2030, from $880 billion to around $2 trillion. Political incentives are also quite intense because of the public’s growing understanding of the significance of environmental and social governance (ESG) issues.

2022 was forecasted to establish a record of the rate at which the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources would occur. Additionally, this year witnessed the emergence of novel and unusual energy sources that will begin to permeate daily life from research labs and pilot projects. Here are some of the stirring updates from around the globe we have assembled for our favorite readers.

January – renewable energy in 2022 and beyond

From flying taxis to painless vaccines: seven businesses to watch this year

Nothing is as intriguing as seeing this headline! From startups to storied high street stalwarts, The Guardian’s business reporters chose their picks for the stories that would dominate headlines in 2022. Likely, BT will have a new ownership structure or be engaged in a takeover conflict by June of the following year.

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Screenshot from online video from The Guardian which reads “ENVIRONMENT: Why is a tech billionaire trying to buy AGL?” and an image of a factory emitting billows of smoke into the sky in the background.


Why is a tech billionaire trying to buy Australia’s dirtiest energy company AGL?

Why, though? The business’s coal-fired power plants are being closed and replaced, and a contentious demerger that would separate those coal plants from AGL and merge them into a new company named Accel Energy is being avoided, according to the major stakeholders.

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A blue and silver sign with the Volkswagen logo on it. The background is a forest of trees blurred out.

Volkswagen unit to spend up to $555m to become ‘world-leading player’ in hydrogen electrolysers

MAN Energy Solutions, an engine and turbine manufacturer, will convert its H-TEC Systems division into a “mass-producer” of PEM machines despite Volkswagen’s objection to fuel-cell vehicles.

rechargenews.com has all the electrifying updates.

April – renewable energy in 2022 – maybe not?

It’s ‘ridiculous and naive’ to think we can stop fossil fuel production immediately, says Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters 

“The idea that we can turn off the taps and end fossil fuels tomorrow, it’s obviously ridiculous and naive,” Bill Winters, the Standard Chartered CEO, said in an interview with CNBC in April 2022. “Well, first of all, it’s not going to happen, and secondly, it would be very disruptive.”

CNBC has all the interesting details. Here is the link.


Which parts of the world will be able to produce the cheapest green hydrogen in the long run?

This article presents the International Renewable Energy Agency’s analysis of the most cost-effective locations to manufacture green hydrogen over the long term (Irena). Will hydrogen hold the key to a world without carbon emissions?

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Hydrogen-powered trains to be used in Germany’s capital region

The front of a blue hydrogen-powered passenger train being showcased at an event.

Hydrail Image Attribution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrail

The state of Lower Saxony, Germany has begun operating the first fleet of passenger trains powered by hydrogen. They should prevent about 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere annually.

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Climate change: ‘Sand battery’ could solve green energy’s big problem

A “sand battery” could resolve the main issue with green energy. Researchers from Finland have set up a “sand battery” that can store renewable energy for several months. The developers believe they have found a solution to a fundamental problem for green energy: year-round supply.

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Japan just signaled a big shift in its post-Fukushima future

If implemented, the plan would mark a change in the nation’s energy strategy following the Fukushima accident in 2011. Since then, most of Japan’s nuclear plants have been inactive, although perceptions are changing.

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September – more renewable energy in 2022

a long row of wind turbines with a background of a blue sky, clouds, and mountains.

In one tiny German town, nobody worries about energy bills

Feldheim, Germany, which is 90 minutes south of Berlin, is energy independent. Feldheim built a few wind turbines as a daring project starting in the mid-1990s to power the community.

You may go to renewableenergyworld.com for more engaging content!


Swapping steel for concrete? Researchers seek wind turbine structure improvements

Researchers at Tufts University and the University of Illinois are looking into ways to design wind towers and foundations without using steel. “The early results of this research are exhibiting great promise for concrete support structures and their potential advantages over current steel supports, specifically when it comes to offshore structures,” remarked Tufts University professor of civil and environmental engineering, Daniel Kuchma.

renewableenergy.com has all the engrossing updates here.


Oregon university plans to develop new battery tech

a hand holds a black nozzle to the side of a white electric vehicle to charge it.

The creation of a new rechargeable battery by a research team led by Oregon State University may lessen the need for the damaging mining of rare minerals like nickel and lithium and hasten the transition to renewable energy.

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December: Our focus is green

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