How Strong Design Leads to Better Transformer Core Efficiency

The goal of any transformer design is to optimize efficiency while minimizing losses and costs. The way that a transformer core is designed has a major impact on how the manufacturing and final product will turn out, so it is critical to have a strong transformer core design.

We will discuss various ways for transformer cores to be designed in order to increase transformer efficiency including core construction and quality design materials.

The design materials

It is without question that using quality materials leads to a reduction of transformer losses. The components of material design that contribute to this are as follows:

  1. Higher efficiency materials
  2. Implementing thinner or domain refined materials
  3. Improved cooling medium and methods

Each design aims to adhere to the desired specifications with minimized costs of these materials and with minimal weight/minimal overall cost of ownership. This has caused a shift in consumer trends with more people purchasing transformers based on the total ownership costs, rather than focusing solely on the initial cost.

How Corefficient utilizes strong design

At Corefficient, we implement several forms of testing and value-added services in order to ensure that the initial design and manufacturing of our transformer cores produces great final products. We test our raw materials with procedures such as: single-sheet, dimensional, Epstein, and Franklin testing. This means that before these materials are even used, we make sure that they have proper magnetic flux, permeability, surface insulation resistance, and consistent widths and thicknesses.

Our designs are meant to be as consistent as possible so we use fully automated machinery in the cutting and assembling process. This means fast manufacturing and reliable results. Corefficient uses proven testing methods and modern machinery to minimize core loss and produce long-lasting transformers.

More about Corefficient

Corefficient’s state-of-the-art facility based out of Monterrey, Mexico is a transformer core company committed to adding value to their transformer core products. Combining experience and success in the fields of transformer core engineering, transformer core design, magnetic core expertise, cold rolled steel, grain oriented steel, electrical steel, and – most importantly – customer service. Contact Corefficient’s sales engineer today at: 1 (704) 236-2510.

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