Feeling like the heat index is somewhere between “oven” and “volcano” lately? You’re not alone. According to NASA, May 2016 was reported to be the hottest May ever recorded, “The latest in a thirteen-month-long streak of record-breaking high temperatures.”

One large contributing factor to the worrisome global temperature trend is the rapidly and ever increasing electrical demand. Ubiquitous electricity usage means the über-large scale burning of fossil fuels, with millions of tons of green house gases emissions, as well as millions of electrical grid interconnections through transformers; both of which also have the byproduct of waste heat.

Heat is emitted from all electrical components as a result of inefficiency. When electrical machines such as transformers are less efficient, they not only waste resources but also cost more to operate.

This means that the demand for high efficiency tranformer cores is at an all-time-high. When a transformer uses an efficient core it not only leads to less waste as electricity travels from one system to another, but also produces less of the heat which leads to less waste, less failures AND contributes to reduce harmful emissions.

The more efficiently we run our transformers, the less harm we do to our planet – making transformer core manufacturers such as Corefficient more important now more than ever.