The Latest in Wind Energy: Growing Applications for Energy Efficient Transformer Cores

Picture of shoreline with an abundance of wind turbines stretching through the distance-generating wind energy at sunset.

Wind turbines yield breathtaking scenery, and as their blades spin, they create a source of power called wind energy. Wind energy is one of the most easily accessible forms of green energy on the planet. Because of its enormous potential, it’s no secret that wind technology has been undergoing innovation for many years. This article will dive down to some of the best and latest wind energy innovations in the field of wind power.

Wind Energy Alternatives

Wind energy is generated with giant wind turbines in open fields both on land & ocean areas. However, the advances in this field are in alternative components for energy-efficient wind turbines to optimize green energy in the wind energy field:

Gearbox Turbines – “California, worked with researchers at the Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories to develop an innovative wind turbine blade that has led to an increase in energy capture by 12%” This highlights the need to pair with Corefficient’s resources to maximize wind energy with Corefficient’s energy-efficient cores. With Corefficient’s top-of-the-line energy-efficient transformer cores, you can pair with the Gearbox Turbines and ensure a good and reliable way of producing renewable energy.

Airborne Wind Turbines

Essentially, airborne wind turbines are wind turbines without towers. This means they can operate in higher velocities and altitudes without requiring towers. As for Altaeros airborne wind turbine, its device is a helium-filled, inflatable shell to keep it suspended and ascended to high altitudes—a balloon that lifts a wind turbine. The generated power is then sent down to the ground through the tethers. Altaeros says that this airborne wind turbine can reduce up to 65% of energy costs by utilizing those high-altitude winds. Its unique design also makes installation much faster.

Wind turbine Lenses

Wind lenses are modified turbines created by Professor Yuji Ohya of Kyushu University in Japan. Wind lenses look almost identical to traditional turbines, but they have a brimmed ring around the rotor. This results in more air passing through and, therefore, more power is being produced. In addition to being more efficient than traditional wind turbines, its design is thought to have a lower environmental impact. One more advantage of the design is that the ring around the rotor acts as a noise suppressor, which facilitates a quieter, less disruptive operation.

A picture of an array of white wind turbines across a land under the sky of a blue and cloudy sky.

Community-owned Wind Power

Baywind Energy Cooperative, a wind farm in the U.K., was the first community-owned wind farm when constructed in 1996. With an annual output of around 10,000 MWh, this wind farm supplies electricity for 30,000 homes. Baywind’s mission is to promote the generation of renewable energy and energy conservation. Besides clean energy, it also provides income to its members. Its initiative also channels funds into educational visits and environmental books for local schools.

Transformer cores will be needed for this market and this is where Corefficient comes into play. Corefficient’s business is committed to building green, electrical transformer cores to increase efficiency at a lower cost.

Testing — Testing is a significant part of quality control and efficiency. Corefficient focuses on testing its materials at each stage before the complete transformer is constructed. Their testing is done on every level of production to ensure that the transformer cores constitute a significant asset in energy innovation and that they produce energy-efficient transformer cores to be a leading manufacturer for green energy. 

Quality Control — Corefficient’s quality control is intuitive and thorough. This ensures that along with their testing phases that they produce high-end, energy-efficient transformer cores. This makes Corefficient’s product more essential than others because you know that your product has been carefully designed and tested to become the essential transformer core and best choice in the market.

More about Corefficient 

Based in Monterrey, Mexico, Corefficient focuses on manufacturing energy-efficient electrical transformer cores. By supplying one of the most significant components used in energy-efficient transformers, Corefficient proves themselves a substantial asset in the mission to move us all towards green energy. Corefficient is here to help provide green energy for the world.

Contact us today at 1 (704) 236-2510 to order your energy-efficient transformer core, to optimize your renewable energy needs, and to add our cores to these new and exciting solar and wind energy innovations!

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