Transformer Cores in High Demand For 2019 Electrical Steel Market

Ah! Another year come and gone. The Christmas trees have left the living room, the lights have come down, and the champagne glasses are washed and put back into the cupboard to be taken out for next new year.

Now that the festivities are over and done with, let’s get back to what we at the Corefficient blog do best – talking about the electrical transformer core and electrical steel market. And going into 2019, electrical transformers are even higher in demand than ever!

As nations around the world continue to introduce new legislation to regulate the energy performance of electrical transformers – and by extension, electrical transformer cores – manufacturers are even further emboldened to innovate and fill this growing need. Let’s talk about some of the latest news in this space:

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In fact – towards the end of 2018, a bipartisan bill called the Securing Energy Infrastructure Act, that was introduced in 2017, passed the Senate and will soon make its way to the president’s desk. It’s all about upgrading the U.S power grid and creating redundant systems that can help to mitigate the potential effects of a cyberattack. As a lot of the U.S power infrastructure is extremely outdated, and in need of modernization, the politicians who introduce the bill think that this is a good place to start – and the added security is just a bonus.


Outside of North American news, the electrical steel market in India continues to emerge as a major necessity to the further development of the country. As modernization continues, the demand for electrical steel continues to grow. Living standards increasing across the board requires electrical devices that can handle that new demands.


And in renewable energy news, is reporting that renewable energy is now responsible for contributing about 30% of human energy use across the globe. That’s huge! As pollution levels continue to rise, investors have looked for reliable alternative sources to invest in. In 2018, solar, wind, and similar clean technology investments overtook that of gas and coal in Europe.


As always, keep your eyes on this space for the latest news related to electrical steel, electrical transformer cores, and other related topics as we work to make 2019 one to remember!

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