Under a cloudless sky there are numerous wind turbines with three immense blades per turbine in use along a vast marsh.

Recent generations have had our senses calibrated to the “Green Mindset.” We view the world through the lens of environmental health. Plastic straws? Our brain conjures images of oceans littered with plastic. Is it time to take out the trash? We wonder about our consumption habits and whether there was a way to reduce the waste. The green mindset changes the way new generations see big cars, and the way companies market those big cars. In fact, corporations have spent millions of dollars on rebranding themselves to match the values of today’s consumers.

A panoramic picture of a beach littered with plastic and trash as waves crash against the sand.

Fortunately for Corefficient, we haven’t had to rebrand or change our image. From our inception, our very name points to the singular goal of conserving the energy produced with natural resources. Our transformer cores are designed to reduce the environmental impact of North American energy use, while generating billions of dollars of monetary benefits.

You with the green mindset. We see you. The way you unplug your electronics when they are not in use. We see your LED bulbs, the way you turn off the TV if you’re leaving the room, or how you sometimes put on a warm sweater instead of cranking up the central heating. There are countless ways to create small energy savings that together add up to huge societal benefits. Trust us, we should know.

At Corefficient, we join you in making that our business of the day. Each energy efficient transformer core has been designed to reduce energy loss and exceed transformer energy conservation standards. More than ever before, companies are seeing the benefit of transformer core manufacturing focused on efficiency and value.

On a sunny day, in a landscape with yellow grass on a hill there is a person with hands in their pockets walking away from the camera, towering above the person is an electric tower with cables and transformers.

The green mindset in transformer core manufacturing means leaving no stone unturned in the quest for energy efficiency, and that’s another reason why we believe in creating value to the core with every product that rolls out of our factory.

More about Corefficient – Part of the National Material L.P. family of companies, Corefficient specializes in the fields of core engineering, transformer core design, magnetic core expertise, cold rolled steel, grain oriented steel, electrical steel, and – most importantly – customer service.

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