Wound Cores and the Benefits of Annealing

The magnetic permeability properties of electrical steels are especially sensitive to mechanical stress. During the manufacturing processes required to form a core, steel is subjected to stresses, grain structure is damaged, and the core loss increases.

For wound or formed cores, where there is a substantial amount of both plastic and elastic strain, the grain structure can be repaired by annealing; which reduces the core loss and avoids higher cost materials. The annealing process involves heating the steel in a furnace to a pre-determined temperature, then cooling in a controlled environment and time. Annealing procedures have to be followed closely to avoid degradation of steel properties.

Thus, with proper annealing, cores have significantly better performance at very low additional cost.
Corefficient provides specialized annealing services, backed by technical support and design review from initial concept through production, to guarantee that our products fulfill customers’ expectations.

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