Transformer Core Engineering Helps Renewable Energy Grow

The developed world is currently riding the cusp of a renewable energy revolution. Every day, we move farther away from peaking emission-heavy fuel resources as we develop new technologies that harness the power of the sun, water and wind more effectively for our energy needs. In 2016, clean energy converters were installed in record numbers. In order to help usher in this new era of clean, renewable energy, companies on the cutting edge of electrical transformer core engineering (such as Corefficient) must remain both vigilant and prepared to create energy efficient electrical cores to harness these renewable resources.

One of the biggest threats to the current oil and coal based energy sources are the rise in electric-powered vehicles, a phenomenon that we have wrote about previously. The high performance cores that Corefficient provides are well equipped to handle the transition; in the future, we hope to provide grain oriented cores for transformers in electrical charging stations all across the U.S, Mexico and Canada. Wind is yet another renewable resource that will benefit greatly from having lossless, high performance cores to power the transformers. Since wind can sometimes be a fickle energy source to utilize, having extremely low loss cores will help minimize the energy lost, and make the most of the energy acquired.

It is only through a mix of public opinion, the physics of economics and the rapid, ever-growing nature of technology that this fantastic renewable energy revolution has begun to take place. Governments are constantly revising the necessary energy efficiency standards for transformer core engineering. This places Corefficient in a unique and privileged position to help supply our power grids with the high performance transformer cores required to fully utilize the energy that renewable sources produce. Utilizing the power of the sun, water, and wind, governments from the federal to the local level will be able to take their energy production into the future; and Corefficient is more than happy to provide the transformer core engineering expertise to help lead the way.

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