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How do you select the right transformer core? The single most important factor that buyers should consider before purchasing their core is core efficiency.

While the sticker price is an important consideration, core efficiency allows proper assessment of the cost/value proposition. Savvy buyers know to consider life-time costs, rather than solely focusing on the initial costs.

Fortunately, there are various elements that core buyers can use as proxies for core efficiency when they are trying to recognize the best transformer core. These proxies include the use of high-quality materials, versatility in design, and company experience. Direct measuring of efficiency involves testing during the manufacturing process.



Good cores will use higher efficiency materials and implement thinner, or domain-refined, raw material.

Versatility: Not all cores are made equal, and not all cores can do just any job. Good cores will be customized to the needs of the end use.

Company experience: Core technology has been around a long time, allowing well-established companies to accumulate valuable technological know-how.

Stringent testing: Nothing will guarantee energy efficient cores more than stringent testing at every phase of the process, from raw material to final product.

Corefficient Hits all the Right Marks


With an exceptional customer service program that includes a 2-week ship-on-time guarantee, Corefficient is a great choice for customers looking for the best core. They hit the right marks in all the categories.

At Corefficient, multiple rounds of stringent material testing guarantee that only the best material makes it into the final product. Corefficient employs multiple testing methods, including Dimensional testing, Franklin testing, and Epstein testing. Collectively, these methods test various properties of the coils and materials used in the cores, including surface insulation resistance, weldability, magnetic properties (permeability, flux density, and core loss), and consistency of material width and thickness.

Furthermore, the many customization options offered by Corefficient include specifications during the lamination process, gap placement, and annealing services. Corefficient offers both Step Lap Full Mitre Cores and DG wound cores.

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Corefficient’s founders put more than 100 years of electrical transformer core experience to work for you. By focusing on quality assurance, we guarantee that customers get the best core on time, every time, to meet their transformer efficiency goals.

About Corefficient: Based out of Monterrey, Mexico, Corefficient is a transformer core company committed to adding value to their transformer core products. Their experience and success in the fields of transformer core engineering, transformer core design, magnetic core expertise, hot and cold rolled steel, grain-oriented steel, electrical steel, and – most importantly – customer service – have made Corefficient a valued leader in energy efficient transformer core manufacturing. Visit Corefficient online @corefficientsrl.comcontact our North America sales engineer: 1(704) 236-2510, or call us directly in Monterrey, México: (81) 2088-4000.