Leading Energy-Efficient Transformer Core Manufacturer Corefficient: Let Us Re-Introduce Ourselves

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One look at our name — and it will tell you all you need to know. Corefficient is an energy-efficient transformer core manufacturer, and we take pride in consistently living up to our name. Our founders instilled values such as safety, quality, and testing into the company that have been a part of our process for many years.

We know a thing or two about transformer core manufacturing and creating the best transformer core designs. But first, what is a transformer core? Most people go about their daily lives aware of the existence of transformers, but not fully understanding their important role in the modern world.

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In the past, energy production has come from a wide variety of sources – such as coal, gas, or nuclear power plants. Today we are moving towards greener energy options like wind, water, and solar power. Whether we are talking about yesteryear or yesterday, energy production has one thing in common: the destination of the electricity it produces. Energy travels to a transmission grid and then to a distribution grid, and the voltage is controlled at each connection by a transformer. Electrical transformers allow for an efficient travel speed for the electricity, but they also lower the voltages to avoid disastrous power surges. You can see why the demand for safe, energy-efficient transformer cores is at an all-time high.

Here at Corefficient, we are ready to meet that demand. In fact, in the United States, the EPA reports that electricity production accounts for 27% of all greenhouse emissions. Small changes in the design can lead to huge energy savings, and as the world becomes more environmentally conscious, these savings are significant in creating a greener future. We have always been a company of the future, and as the environmental challenges grow, Corefficient will continue to meet them head on with innovative designs.

A sunset behind electrical power lines and towers with a gold badge graphic that reads, “The CE Guarantee” and white text across the photograph that reads, “What sets Corefficient apart from the rest? We guarantee every single one of our cores.”

But how do we create our efficient transformer cores and meet critical efficiency regulations? At every step of the manufacturing process, we incorporate transformer core testing.

Our state-of-the-art facilities have a complete, on-site quality control laboratory to determine the raw materials’ integrity before ever putting them into a transformer core. Other quality control methods include Epstein testing, single sheet testing (SST), Franklin testing, and Dimensional testing. These tests ensure the correct insulation permeability and material thickness among other things.

For example, SST testing is done to make sure the steel in the transformer cores is highly permeable because this decreases energy losses. Epstein testing, on the other hand, employs our Brockhaus MPG 200 system to test the magnetic properties of the steel.

No stone is left unturned, and no core leaves our factory without attaining the Corefficient high standard.

A rolling heat annealing furnace inside the Corefficient factory.
Testing our cores is only one part of our process. As a leading energy-efficient transformer core manufacturer, Corefficient includes annealing and painting as part of our services. We have a modern rolling heat annealing furnace that can restore the material back to its original properties after the stresses of the core manufacturing process. Corefficient can also deliver products in a variety of finishes suited to each customer’s needs such as for providing corrosion protection.
A dark blue Corefficient logo featuring an inverted striped triangle with an orange lightning bolt through it, the Corefficient name, and the words “value to the core.”

We wholly believe in our motto — Value to the Core™. Our years of experience in leading the field in efficient transformer core manufacturing have engendered a culture of excellence in all things. Our parent company, National Material L.P, brings over five decades of expertise and customer satisfaction to Corefficient. We are more than prepared and very excited to meet the energy demands of today’s fast-paced society.

Please visit Corefficient’s website today and become a customer: https://corefficientsrl.com/.  Contact us through our website or via phone: North America: 1 (704) 236-2510, Monterrey, México: (81) 2088-4000, or toll-free in the USA: 1 (844) 202-1226.

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