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A field of silhouetted transformers at sunset, a sky filled with darker cloud on the horizon with various shades of red and orange peeking through. A graphic “grid overlay” creates a feeling of connection between each electrical power transformer, with certain connection points glowing like small red and blue orbs.

Understanding the Energy Grid

Like air, electricity is all around us. Today, nearly every part of the world is connected to a power grid. It is a ubiquitous part of modern society. We are so used to

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nfographic using Corefficient’s signature bright orange and blue base colors, answering the question, “what is a transformer core?” using highlights from the corresponding article.

What is a Transformer Core?

What is a Transformer Core? A transformer is an electrical device designed to convert alternating current from one voltage to another. It can be designed to increase or decrease voltages. The most commonly known

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